Medical Bureau Services

The Medical Bureau division of The Daly Morgan Group was established in 1995 and specialises in the financial administration of medical practices. As the most experienced provider of these services we employ the most advanced billing system, switching facility and experienced staff in the industry.

We are able to provide the service in-house without depending on other tech suppliers. The capability ensures that we are able to provide a seamless integration of all the components required to provide a sufficient productive service.

In addition, Daly Morgan & Associates is the most reputable medical debt collection company in the medical field. Our vast experience adds an exponential value to the quality of service we are able to deliver our clients.

Our Promise

Our attention is strategically focused on the preparation and presentation of accurate services based on correct tariffs to the medical aids to ensure that payments are made to the practice without delay.

Benefits Of Using DMA Bureau Services

  • All invoices are meticulously processed, statements are sent promptly and overdue accounts are efficiently followed up with the relevant improvements of practice cash flow.
  • Reduced bad debt and efficient use of our debtors management system (iBridge) on accounts not paid immediately.
  • Communication with your practice to ensure accureate coding and tariff updates for submission of the billing to the medical aid for payment of the claim.
  • Reduced monthly recurring expensessuch as salaries, office space, post and stationary etc.
  • Comprehensive monthly reports which are fundamental to the effective management of the profitability in todays medical practice.


    Our Fees

    The cost of the service will be determined after an evaluation of the processes and systems required to service the needs of your practice to ensure optimal results.

    In conclusion we assure you that your practice will benefit in that:

  • Profitability will increase.
  • Cash flow will improve.
  • Peace of mind will return knowing that your business is beig managed professionally.